About La Petite Pup.

My name is Emma, and my life has always been about dogs!

I achieved my Advanced Diploma in Dog Behaviour and Training in 2010, awarded by the celebrated Centre Of Applied Pet Ethology (COAPE).  I also completed my Dog Training Instructor’s Course.

I have worked various Doggy Jobs throughout my career, including working as a Dog Groomer, Dog Behaviourist, Trainer and Walker. This earned me a wealth of knowledge and experience in handling all different breeds of dogs.

I owned Greyhounds throughout my childhood, until one breed rather unexpectedly took over my heart…. The Tiny Chihuahua! I fell madly in love with the breed, and over 10 years later I am heavily involved in Toy breeds, and my home has been inspected and approved by The Kennel Club.

Owning small dogs for many years has made me realise that they come with a unique set of needs.  They learn in different ways, can be wary due to their size, and easily injured.  They are used to being close to their owners, and don’t do well in a cold or lonely environment.

I discovered my dream of creating a Holiday Haven for smaller dogs whilst working for several years at a Boarding Kennels. I gained an up close and personal experience of what our beloved pups go through when staying at a kennels. I noticed that small breeds in particular, who are more used to a lavish lifestyle and home comforts, often became shut down and sad when left alone in a kennel all day. Our Pups deserve better than this, and so La Petite Pup was born!

My partner Jonathan enjoys helping me spoil our guests. He has a real way with dogs and becomes firm friends with all our Pups. He particularly enjoys helping with walkies time!

We hope to meet you and your Petite Pup soon. Please email or telephone and we can have a chat about your V.I.P and your requirements!

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